About Us

How We Started Up?

Cottages Therapy is founded with the passion to make a life different with cottage core aesthetic home décor product that transfer your home into calm, peaceful and harmony space. 

Dreamed up and created by a girl with a love for Interior Design who was an Interior designer in the past. During 2020, the pandemic flows all over the world. People are staying at home more often, she wish to let more people to have a comfortable yet stylish home to enjoy with their loves one. 

Cottage core Aesthetic Bedding Set

Let Your Living Space Be Where You Can Feel Harmony

In Cottages Therapy, our mission is to carefully curate cottage aesthetic interior accessories and home décor to let all the dreamers get inspired living in cottage interior space, yearning for the slow, harmony and rural lifestyle. 

We offer handpicking home pieces that are comfortable, timeless, nostalgic, romantic, dreamy, aesthetic and embody the cottage core spirit. At the same time we promise to give you nothing but the most comfortable hugs throughout your night with our handpicked fabrics.

Even you live in the city, or in a small apartment, with a passion, you can turn your living space into where you can escape from busy city, and turn them into cozy and dreamy wonderland. You'll be at peace with yourself, your loves one, and you will be fall in love with life again. Start your collection today in Cottages Therapy!